Secret’s and social media

There’s much talk of people wanting to keep their relationships “private” and off of social media. Though I am in agreement with keeping the relationship’s private, I also have an issue with the term “private” being used when that is not what’s represented in regards to relationships.     Not everyone enjoys putting their business … Read moreSecret’s and social media

Resting “Bitch” face

“You look intimidating” “You look mean” “I was scared to approach you” are just some of the things that men have stated to me over the years. And I’ve never quite understood the hesitation from them. Many haven’t even met me yet have already come to a conclusion about me before I have ever had … Read moreResting “Bitch” face

Friviolous expectations

Tonight I had the privilege of attending a FB live discussion and I must say it was quite interesting and I had a lot of fun with the hosts.   The live was hosted by Speak up Podcast that airs every Thursday you can check them out at or follow on Facebook at … Read moreFriviolous expectations

A Mother’s responsibility to her daughter’s

I often look at my daughter’s especially the more that they get older and understand more and more the need to make sure that I set an example for them to understand what is acceptable when it comes to men and what’s not. There have been times when I thought it was just because of … Read moreA Mother’s responsibility to her daughter’s