Bodying Bodies

I knew that I was too old school for this generation’s idea of “dating” when it became hard to have a decent conversation with someone of the opposite sex. Something has changed and I’m not quite sure when it changed. It’s like I woke up one day and everything was different. Courting has become taboo … Read moreBodying Bodies

An Introvert woe’s

Self-reflection is one of those experiences that can cause you to really see you for you. A lot of times we are easily guided in looking at other’s and their shortcomings their flaws and we put this wall up to shield us from seeing ourselves. Especially when it comes to our relationships. I for one … Read moreAn Introvert woe’s

Looking for motivation

mustering up the strength to find motivation has become tiring. The inability I find myself imploring with this writing thing has taken on a whole new life. And I’m beginning to wonder if the gift truly resides within me. I’m shooting blanks, nothing strong enough to attach itself to the egg and give birth to … Read moreLooking for motivation