What’s on the other side of the Terrain?

Have you ever felt like you were a small piece to a gigantic puzzle? And even though you feel so little, you know your part is necessary. When you look out into the abyss of the unknown, you quiver at the thought of this journey that you have no idea how to begin. Day in and day out; night after night, there’s this gnawing at your spirit speaking to that dream that’s inside of you waiting to be revealed. It keeps you up tossing and turning while it downloads bits and pieces of purpose. And if you are like me, receiving only parts can be a bit frustrating. I like order, and I like to know step A to Z. I want to know and have all the files downloaded so that my trepidation resembles a level of 25% versus 100%. Let’s be real fear is paralyzing and too much worry because you lack proper preparation, is a set up for failure. I find myself hesitant regarding moving beyond my comfort zone even though that gnawing becomes more and more annoying, propelling me to do something about it. The only way this push will subside is if I acknowledge it and succumb to all that it wants to teach me while being patient with its need to spoon-feed me each piece that will get me one step closer to the dream within little by little. It’s scary stepping out to the unknown. There’s so much ground to cover, but do I remain still in my frustration or move forward palms sweating and heart racing to grab hold of what is on the other side of the terrain?

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