Gate Keepers

There is a genius-level of creativity brewing in each one of us. It lies dormant waiting. It sits and waits for the right opportunity, the right door so that creativity and purpose can meet and kiss. Have you ever felt like a light turned on? A specific type of energy ignited in you once you met certain people and connected to their lives?

There is such a power in connecting with the right people, and sometimes you never know who those people will be, but it’s just something about them that when your lives do connect, it’s like magic. I’m reminded of a biblical story of Mary and Elizabeth; how when the two came in the presence of the other, Elizabeth’s baby began to kick and move with excitement yet, had never done this amid anyone else.

Everything that is within us begins to kick with excitement when we come in contact with people who have the tools necessary to elevate you while you have the same power and means to lift them. It’s a win-win situation. Each person has a different gift flowing with its creativity, and when it matches up with yours, it is powerful.

Those people do not come around often; these are not everyday people, but these are destiny people, and the only thing that stands in between you and them connecting is fear. The ability for you to say yes to leaving your comfort zone and linking to them will prove to you that fear has no power when a more substantial power demands you walk forward, taking hold of what calls out to you. There is nothing you can not do when the right people are in your corner. It’s a breath of fresh air.

I hope that your eyes are open and your spirit is free to receive them when they come. For they will come and they will not take no for an answer because they will see your value. They will need to pour into you until you overflow, and every gift extracted so all may flourish. They are the gatekeepers granting you access, saying, “it is okay to release all that you are for; we need what you possess.” Do not reject your gatekeepers they are magic.


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