Uniquely woman

On October 9, 1980, I was born. I came into this world, naked and free. Given a name by which every person, whoever was to come in contact with me, could identify who I am. Everything about me is unique, and there is no one else on the planet that is like me. And even though there will be people on this earth that had come before me and that will come after me that will have my same name, they could never represent it the way that I can. My name goes hand and hand with my purpose. I was birthed on this earth to be a woman a person that can bring forth life. I can consume seeds incubate them until they are ready to flourish into the open yielding great harvest. I was born powerful, and I was born with an identity that wrapped itself tightly around everything that I would encompass. And as I would begin to walk out this life year after year, my character would unveil itself to great depths.

However, this identity as tremendous and impressive as it will become It, like a lot of other things that this world tends to castrate becomes stifled and silenced. Because society needs to place barriers under the guise of titles before a person’s identity is ever discovered. As we grow and live our focus as women tend to shift from within self to what is given to us portrayed outwardly. Mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend, are some of the titles given to us. And tho these titles seem harmless, and these titles provide you with a place within society, it also traps us. As women, we carry loads, we take other people’s weight, we carry other people’s expectations, and in doing so we forget about ourselves, we lose balance in our lives. We somehow answer to these titles and forget that we are still somebody, we are still a force to be reckoned with outside of these labels. That after you have taken on the responsibilities of wife and mother and sister and friend you go home depleted never looking at yourself in the mirror seeing someone of great substance and creativity, massive deep as the ocean

Your creativity lies dormant buried under a need you feel to secure your kids’ future, push and encourage your husband, take care of affairs in regards to your aging parents. Only to wake up one day and realize your children are grown and have left the nest fulfilling their dreams, and your husband is excelling in his gifting while you are left in regret, not fully knowing what will become of your life. Time has passed, and You no longer have your children to hide behind; its just you! You are maxed out and have nothing to show for all that you have poured out for others. Even though you had a hand in their success, You are still an individual; You were born with necessary tools that this world needs, even if you were born a twin or even triplets. You have your DNA, your makeup, and you are essential, you are more than a label. For you were not born with tags, You were born an individual given a name to make great and to be remembered on this Earth. You were born naked with an opportunity to clothe yourself with.

Who are you outside of these titles? What is it about you that makes you special, unique? What dreams and goals did you have as a child while you were still in your mother’s house dreaming? What did you write in your journal or look up to the sky and imagine in your youth? These are the things that make you who you are, and these are the things that were created inside of you to prompt you to go after it and make a lane for yourself within society. You were never meant just to be a title, but to thrive from within so that you can balance the attachments outside of you. That even if the attachments leave or grow apart, you are still standing on a firm foundation in fertile soil flourishing as only you and you alone can. Fill the earth with your creativity. You are greater than the labels, look within and find and discover YOU! Give birth (womb)man…


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