Winning battles

We battle things unbeknownst to us. Things that were given to us through childhood experiences. And it isn’t until we allow God to turn the mirror on our self that we become aware of such things. You go from blaming God for allowing things that were out of your control to happen. You go to feeling helpless, like why do you have to fight something you didn’t ask to fight. You battle with your own struggles while daily teaching your own children how to become what no one taught you how to become. You struggle with your past while your present asks so much of you and your future seems out of your reach. Then somehow you realize, this is why his word gives light, this is why his word instructs and speaks about a renewed mind. This is why He gave a comforter and the spirit of truth. So that the journey will not cause you to crumble but rather strengthen and perfect you. It’s easy to look at everyone else but its even more important to ask him to show you- you. It may just deliver your offspring from generational curses; It may just cleanse you and destroy the yoke that everyone else in your bloodline never dealt with. I’m starting to believe that there was a reason I feel like the black sheep of my family, both sides. There is a reason why though death took my brother at 21 and tried to take me on many occasions that I am still here. And until my purpose is fulfilled on the earth I will continue to trust him and hope in his plan for my life. Because I know there is a plan unfolding as I type. The struggle is accepting it, walking in it and letting go.

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