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I gave birth I fed I watered I turned men to god’s Feeding their souls Heightening their awareness Giving them brain that solidified their caliber…
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Declare It!

Podcasts are becoming a way of life. And you can never have too many. In May 2019, I had the pleasure of being a guest…
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Late nights under the moonlight is a night to take advantage. It’s the kind of night that you inhale possibility. It’s the kind of night…
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velma in a hat and a red dress



Who am I? Well, let’s see I am an enigma complex in every way. I am woman filled with raw emotion, passion, zeal and straight forwardness. I can be moody, standoffish, secluded, introverted, callous and often times mean. I also can be loving, friendly, silly, talkative, happy and supportive.


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