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After reading “Life is a Production” I wanted to write a simple review of the book. But instead decided that I’d also incorporate not only the book but also the author, the business and the family that collectively makes Dynamik Works a force of creative genius.


I could be a little biased given that I know the owner and facilitator over at Dynamik Works. However, I met them first as individuals and second as business owners. My encounter with Rich and his family are founded on trust and respect of individuality and understanding of each other.
Over the past 10 years that I have grown to love and respect them as people, I have also been able to have access into how they operate as a family and a unit and how this unit breathes entrepreneurship with a leadership mindset.


“You cannot get any better than client TRUST!”-Rich

Rich’s ability to see his team as a vital necessity and hone in on their skill allow this team to easily gain the trust of every client that is sent their way. Within his book “Life is a Production” Rich speaks about trusting not only himself but his team and the people he put in certain positions to get the job done. Trust for me is huge when working with people especially in business. And it’s this trust that has allowed me to be a repeat client of theirs.


“Why do I need a [college degree] to fix a problem that could be corrected if I was given the opportunity?”

There are so many nuggets that Rich addressed in his book. One is the mistake of many companies that shun the advice and/or assistance from employees who have witnessed a hiccup that is creating frustration for many employees to do their job effectively; yet are shut down because they do not have a college degree even when that same individual has the skill and know how to do the job that needs to be done. The way Rich broke down how reading, studying and focusing on a specific field and using time management for this study in between working a full-time job and life can actually put you further ahead than someone who is taking a semester in college.


As a paying client Dynamik Works has created web design, Photography, Business cards, Graphics, Logos and more for me. My relationship with them as stated above started out as a mutual exchange of a genuine friendship. And within those confines spilled over to a business relationship. Because I trust them as my friends and saw their capacity to create efficient and clean work, I knew when it came time for me to indulge in my own business they would be my go-to for all things Graphics and Web design among other things that they do. The fact that this team is a one-stop shop from graphic design, logos, photography, videos, web design, book editing and more is what gives them a different level of caliber.

When Rich first dropped “Life is a Production” for Pre-sale I jumped on it because I knew whatever was written within would be vital information. I recommend this book to anyone who has a need for a changed mindset regarding business and understanding the “why” behind what you are doing. If you desire more insight in the world of production and design; even if you aren’t in business for yourself this book will help you understand how to be effective in the time that you use to do whatever it is that you are desiring to do in this life. Like Rich has stated “Life is indeed a production! We must show up and be ready to take our place in this world and utilize every gift within ourselves as well as partnering with those who have the know how to do what we are unable to do to make what we are trying to do a success.


How can I purchase “Life is a Production” book? I’m glad you asked, You can go to http://www.dynamikworks.com to purchase the book as well as check out all the services that Dynamik Works offers for all of your business needs.

You can also check this Dynamik family out at

Did I tell you that they also have a dope Podcast? Go subscribe to “Another One” on Itunes/Google.


There has never been a greater time than now to go after that dream and bring it to reality. Be dynamik because dynamik produces excellence.

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  1. This was a great review and the genuineness of your post is evident in each sentence. Thank you for sharing DYNAMIKWORKS. Thank you for supporting DYNAMIKWORKS. Thank you for being an extension of DYNAMIKness! 😉

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