Simplicity is in the soil

There was a time when I hated plants/flowers in homes. I hated the thought of taking life from it’s source just to adorn ones home. Honestly, I hated the thought of receiving flowers as gifts more than I despised plants. But hey, dislike for one made me dislike all. Flowers as gifts are the worst … Read moreSimplicity is in the soil


I admire my daughter’s, I admire their innocence, their frailty as well as their strength. I look at myself and understand that I am growing because of them. They are in fact teaching me more than I could ever teach them. What they are teaching me is how to see me because I see them. … Read moreVulnerability

Secret’s and social media

There’s much talk of people wanting to keep their relationships “private” and off of social media. Though I am in agreement with keeping the relationship’s private, I also have an issue with the term “private” being used when that is not what’s represented in regards to relationships.     Not everyone enjoys putting their business … Read moreSecret’s and social media