Love, what a beautiful thing!

I’m not quite sure why but the thought of love has been on my mind. I don’t know if a conversation that I had with one of my male friends sparked it or if I fell and bumped my head. Although, I did notice a shift in my desire after hearing him gush about a new woman in his life.

I had never heard him talk about another woman like that before. He has dated, and I have known about him dating some situations good some not so good. However, to see his whole mentality switch, his verbiage change, and the way he spoke about her light a room up. Proved to me that when genuine love has entered your life, nothing and no one else matter’s.

It made me proud to see his growth and witness where he has been and where he is now. I received a portion of hope for love just by listening. Women gush all the time, but to see a man, someone who is dear to you, pouring out it changes the game.

I have heard that when a man meets the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, there will be no question. It does not take men long to know, when he knows, he just knows, and that’s that.
Love can be a beautiful thing. If we allow God to work in us, He will give us the love we so desire.

Love is not hard; people just make it hard. Love is one of the greatest feelings that God ever created. I still believe in love, and I know that love looks for me and, in time, will begin to reach out to me.
I know love is real because I felt it once. I allowed love to enter me and release through me, and it was one of the greatest feelings I could have ever felt although the pain came along with that love it will not stop me from desiring it or wanting it in my life.

I realize love itself is not painful. Pain comes from individuals who do not know how to handle love properly. We are all meant to have love, not only to receive it but also to give it. God is love, so why wouldn’t he want what He is to be a part of our lives? I smile knowing that in His timing, He will give us all that our heart needs, and it will bring forth no sorrow, but instead, it will repair, rebuild, and replenish everything we thought we had lost and given up.

Timing, I believe, is everything; I am not in a rush to be in love. Nonetheless, when love does decide to enter my life, I’ll be ready. Love! What a great thing to seek after! It’s so refreshing to have people in my life, especially men who are not afraid to love and open themselves up to their emotions. It is sturdy, and it speaks volumes. There is hope, and I’m grateful for it and thankful that I have friends finding love. Are any of you in love? How did you know that the one that you are dating or married to was the one?

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