Simplicity is in the soil

There was a time when I hated plants/flowers in homes. I hated the thought of taking life from its source just to adorn one’s home. Honestly, I hated the thought of receiving flowers as gifts more than I despised plants. But hey, dislike for one made me dislike all.
Flowers as gifts are the worst sign of love in my opinion. It would be much better to take the one you love to an actual garden, to relish in the beauty of all things floral while keeping all things floral attached to its source so it can continue living bringing constant beauty to all those who have the ability to witness such life.I’m not a fan of flowers as gifts due to their ability to die quickly. Why give someone something that will die? Cut flowers are picked, packaged, bought then put only in water in a home just to die. I read somewhere that an option used to keep stem flowers alive longer was to add bleach to the water. I was appalled, why would anyone want to add bleach to flower water to help give life? And all of what I read in regards to using bleach was dedicated to cut flowers bought from stores, not for gardens, or flowers that germinate through the soil.

Nonetheless, I have softened a little in regard to plants in homes. Mainly because there is a difference between cut flowers and soiled potted flowers/plants. I do not have a green thumb, nor do I care to put in the work to constantly have to cater to plants. So in my research, I began to search for indoor plants that did not require much work. Ones that could survive being left alone and not bothered much(sort of like me?).

My daughter loves flowers/plants and so this caused me to rethink my no plants in the house rule. And allow her to be who she is but at the same time understand it’ll be me having to care for it. So the compromise, open the house up to plants while getting ones that can be beautiful, lively without a whole bunch of fuss.

I already love natural light, sitting either on a patio or in front of an open window writing, thinking, and doing work. So adding plants have given the ambiance of my already peaceful morning rituals added bliss.

I keep saying I’m on a journey of self-discovery and I must say that life is pretty dope right now in what I’m finding out. Finding the cure through simplicity. Just don’t buy me any flowers as a gift.

Do you have plants in your home? What types do you prefer?

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