They tell her to write soft, invite love to her words.
How? All she know is hurt.
The truth speaks, through every word.
Each word gives insight into every woman who has been scorned, left, and abandoned.
Love never showed up, the pain did.
She desired love, she wanted it, she needed it. Yet that’s not what showed up.
How can she write, of that which she has not experienced?
She writes, she reflects, and every night she tastes sour streams of memory from each tear.
Tears that have left her no choice but to write, engage, and show what can become of a woman.  A woman who was never given the gift of love.


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  1. I am really wow’d by the viewpoint of this poem. How can you give what you have not experienced. The only way I can see that being able to be done is if you have seen someone else walk it out in front of you.

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