I desire everything his love has to offer.
He is the epitome of a King.
I will follow him because I trust in his ability to love me.
I have longed for such a monarch like him. When I am around him I do not fear.
I trust him and it makes my love for him life breathing.
I have cried tears continuously night after night from a heartbreak that almost killed me.
Yet, heartbreak led me to someone who would pick up the pieces of my heart and carefully piece each suffering together gently and tenderly.
I love his love for me, I have never experienced such an endearment.
Now I understand why even in heartbreak there is a purpose, there are lessons and most of all there is one who knows and sets out to love a broken heart back to wholeness.
Love hurts and love heals.
Both are necessary.
I am thankful for brokenness for it led me to him.
I needed him and didn’t even know it.
I freely call him my King.
Reign over me, rain in me.
For I will birth the seeds that produce your DNA.
Allow me to produce in the Earth your divinity.




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