There is nothing I can do about love not reciprocated. There is nothing I can do about it at all. You give, you push, and you pour into. It’s taken, catapulted and watered greatly yet never invested properly. How is it that us women are left with the dead end of the stick? How are we so giving and then given nothing in return?

We pour ourselves into men who have no desire to pour back. It’s in our DNA that gives us the ability to pour, to help and push those we love into heights unknown. Why are we used though?
I’ll never understand how someone can take from the very one who cares and believes in them and never once thinks to reciprocate.

It’s one of those mysteries that I have yet to solve. Energy wasted and at the time you don’t realize that it is wasted energy. why? because you are giving without strings attached, you are giving of yourself without ultimatums. The fact that you love them, the fact that you believe in them is enough ammunition to pour.

You never consider that everything that you are pouring into has holes and is losing its value. There is no incentive, no compound interest and when it hits you that all the energy you invested was of no value it hits hard. It paralyzes you and so you stop caring to even pour any more.

So you have wells filling up unable to be released because you’ve been here before and know what rejection feels like. It’s hard to find one that cares just as much as you do, who wants you as much as you want them who pours just as much as you. So frustration sets in because you are full with no place to release.


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