Late nights under the moonlight is a night to take advantage. It’s the kind of night that you inhale possibility. It’s the kind of night that you take in all that’s around you, understanding that the same creative hands that perfectly designed the moon and the stars and all that we gravitate too; are the same hands that breathed life…

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Simplicity is in the soil

There was a time when I hated plants/flowers in homes. I hated the thought of taking life from its source just to adorn one’s home. Honestly, I hated the thought of receiving flowers as gifts more than I despised plants. But hey, dislike for one made me dislike all. Flowers as gifts are the worst sign of love in my…

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Removing fear

It’s a new day Seventy people stood between myself and fear, a fear I thought would always get the best of me. This fear I held on to for so many years was not fear at all; it was me not believing in myself. The 70 people that I speak of are the people who sat in chairs with their…

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