Possessor of the key

He walked towards her, brushed her cheek, and smiled.

“If hearts were never broken, then they could never be mended.”

He placed his hand inside of hers, looked down at her intently with a purpose in mind.

“I know you’ve dealt with a lot of boys, but I’m here to show you what a man’s place is concerning his woman.”

She stood there powerless, gripped by this overwhelming placidity she’d never known with any other. He unlocked her.

His presence was regal, masculine yet gentle.
She trusted him without his record ever having to be proven.

He smiled, this time bringing her close, close enough that his scent drew her to a place of serenity.

She without warning exhaled, with tears flowing from her eyes.
She breathed him in; she needed him.

He kissed her forehead and whispered.

“I’m going to love you, the way God intended for a man to love his woman.”

He backed away, knelt on one knee


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