Suspended in Rejection

The way he pulled away from me when SHE walked by.
The pain of rejection that suspended my body in defeat.
He had never chosen anyone over me before; until that night.

I knew at that moment it was over; I was triggered-pierced deep within my soul, allowing the wave of heartbreak to succumb to its fate.
That night would be the last time I would ever speak to him, that night was our ending and my beginning.

He and I had our share of makeup to breakups many times before, but this time, this night was different.
It’s as if this night was written in the stars, prophetically spoken months prior.

He made his choice when he chose her.
He decided to let go of me.
I backed away, hearing this melodic voice singing “See I know what we’ve got to do YOU let go, and I’ll let go too.”

He tried pulling me near as if his rejection hadn’t already stung.
His embrace quickened me from this oblivion I engaged in.

“Thank you, Lauryn,” for speaking truth through your music.
I turned and walked away. ‘You let go, and I’ll let go too,” and that night, I finally let go because he did.
I went home alone, and he went back with her.


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