The attack against my mind leaves me lethargic.
Fully conscious but sunken never fully regaining mobility.
I am stuck! Trying to scream for someone to hear me but my yelps go unnoticed
I am left to navigate this swamp alone.
Murky, dirty water fills my senses, contaminating everything that I sense.
“You aren’t who you say you are. I don’t trust you! Why do you want to be near me?”
This thought is lodged deep within my subconscious, emerging every time someone deems to get close to me.
I reject their advances, dig myself deeper into the abyss of this oppressed mind
mentally stagnant, hyperventilating off of its trauma.
It’s only a matter of time before they put me in an asylum wrote off as crazy- unable to be helped.
I resort to the dark caves of my mind allowing my screams to turn into faint whispers. I walk through life broken on the inside yet regular on the outside-fractured.
Pain rooted deep within. The outside world can’t see, they don’t look, captivated by the facade unable to see the deep. They are shallow, hollow, and superficial.
My deliverance seems desolate, waiting for that one who walks in-depth, with skilled insight and understands inner trauma. One who has endured it succeeded in it and became victorious out of it.
But the world is silent, and the perception of others masks their stories, so no one is healed. Healing can only come from truth, not a fallacy.
I am silently waiting on you, and my reviving is contingent on your testimony! See Me! Speak up! Speak the truth, so I may be set free!


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