The journey of quiet


This week I participated in my first meditation session. I have meditated on my own before but have never been able to calm my mind enough to allow the meditation to be effective. I would let things distract me, and I’d never continue in the very thing that my life, especially in this season, needs.

I am already a deep thinker, I think maybe too much. My car is my therapy place. I’m one who can drive and waste gas without an end in sight listening to music. It’s in moments like this that my thoughts come alive, and I gain some of my most precious jewels of life. It’s also the place where the pitfalls of this life take hold of my thoughts too.

Music is my therapy. But I have noticed that I have a lot of noise around me. Even though I am a person who loves being alone and without the presence of another person I find that my life is still noisy just with me by myself


The day that I participated in this meditation session, I allowed my body to release tension, and the need to be in control(which is huge for me). This one session calmed me in ways I had not been able to do myself. Being assisted by someone who knows what they are doing and who can take a space and create an atmosphere of tranquility in only 30 minutes was what I needed.

There was no chanting, no over the top crazy stuff at all. It was breathing and stillness that allowed me to become one with the rhythm of my breath, the freedom to recognize where my body is, and what’s going on with it—meditating gave the ability to notice where tension was and focus on such areas releasing pressure. There was a moment where I felt emotions coming up that I had not been ready to deal with. It reminded me how much I needed this and that I was thankful for the ability to make myself step out and trust another individual with my personal space.

Freedom and letting go.

I’ve said this many times before that I am on a journey. I am at a point in my life that I am ready to release unnecessary emotions, relationships, and friendship. Even toxic behaviors within myself so that I can move beyond where I’ve been and allow myself to function in a space that requires me.

Whether it’s people, opportunity, or growth, I am walking out this season of my life open to change as well as locking the doors that are behind me and making sure that nothing that wasn’t beneficial for me even last year doesn’t come with me.

God’s word is heavy in speaking of meditation, and though we read about it, we oftentimes do not fully understand the need for it. Many refuse to allow meditation to be a part of their lives because those around them have made it seem as if it’s spooky/demonic.

If it’s on God’s mind, it should be a necessity for us as well. I am grateful for the connections that I have made and the people that have gifts that can assist me on my journey. I want substance, I want clarity, and I want purpose, and I’m after better for my life.

I said all of this to say that I am excited that the contentment that I once had years ago is coming back; that I am okay with what has happened and even more okay with what’s to come.

Have any of you participated in meditation either by yourself or in the company of someone who can assist you? What if meditation was the very thing you are missing from your life? Think about it; every one of us needs a space to quiet our minds and become still enough so that we may become more in tune with ourselves spiritually, mentally, and even physically.

We are so busy, and being active isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes even in the hustle, we must step back and recharge.

Think about it.

If you are needing assistance with finding that quiet place, reach out to Khadijah Rbz at


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