Dream Catcher

Last night I dreamed,

I dreamed of you.
A face of uncertainty,
Deep within, behind the surface I
Witnessed a depth of confidence that
gravitated towards me, capturing me.
I floated in the air eyes closed
Breathing in your truth
The truth of your plea for me
a request so pure begging me to let you rest.
“Let me rest, let me give of me,” your voice echoed.
My heart skipped a beat withdrawn from reality.
I breathed in deep, and I felt free, free to release me to you.
Free to let you in, free to give your heart rest.
Rest in me

fear gripped me; it clutched me without room for escape.
Do I open my hearts to free yours?
Is it possible for two hearts driven by the same force to ignite and ascend to heights unknown?
I’ll never know for the warmth of my bed has grown cold, covers pulled away, the light of the sun has crept in.
My eyes opened, and your face disappeared, as I rose to my feet,

the power of your love lingered
It leaves me to wonder.
A dream


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