Strong soul soft lips they speak positive vibration vibrating from the anchor that is the soul captured behind walls walls formed to protect a delicate heart Time controls seasons the season is now it’s demolition day The wall breaker has come Come! Break forth! Delicate heart, break forth! The world needs your strength You thought the wall was your fortress…

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Dream Catcher

Last night I dreamed, I dreamed of you. A face of uncertainty, Deep within, behind the surface I Witnessed a depth of confidence that gravitated towards me, capturing me. I floated in the air eyes closed Breathing in your truth The truth of your plea for me a request so pure begging me to let you rest. “Let me rest,…

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Crazy Illusions

I believed in him more than my own gift. Blood sweat and tears I poured into him, but all he could see was the crazy I displayed. A crazy that had hurt as its foundation Hurt from all the credit and love he gave every other woman but me. Me the one who was in his corner The one with…

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