Gray Hair Blue’s

I think that I am the only one on the planet that is vexed to my soul that I have not received gray hair. I’m legit upset, I know y’all laughing like is she serious? And yes, very much so I am dead serious. Everyone around me has gray hair and complains over and over again about having them, whether a little or a lot. And I just look up to heaven like “Yo, can you give me what they complain about?”

I’ve had people tell me just wait until you get married, hmmm been there done that even have a great document with divorce on it to prove that life has hit and nope still no gray hair. Don’t need to be married to have men stress you the hell out. They say “Just wait until you have children” I have two teenagers, nope still no gray. I just think because I want it so bad, it plays this game of hide and seek with me. You never get what you want and those who don’t want it get it, why?

I love love, love gray hair. I think it is regal and beautiful and should be cherished. Especially if you are someone of age with it, it shows strength and resilience. When I see women and men with hair full of gray I just get excited and stand in awe of it. A person told me I should get artificial gray hair. I looked at them as if they had just spoken blasphemy. I’ll color my hair every other color but gray. I want the authentic gray from my follicle. I promise you when my hair starts turning gray, I will give up artificial color permanently.

Many color to cover the gray, I color now because I get bored. I’ll be the opposite won’t be any covering up of gray hair, I’m going to allow them to come in with a vengeance. Why are we scared to allow what is supposed to be graceful and regal to show? Are we scared of old age? Does having gray hair make one look or feel old? Can one not look young and still wear their crown as is?

I’ve had short hair, long hair, different colors and I have been praying to the hair gods to please send forth some gray strands. I promise I will do right by them. I will cherish them and show them off. I think I need to do a petition and have all of you sign and mail it to the north pole. I’m just running out of options of how to get this hair gray. If y’all have suggestions holla at ya girl. And I don’t want yours, I want my own.

Being that I by trade am a Cosmetologist, theory wise I understand how Gray hair works. In regards to hair and its makeup. The Technical term for gray hair is Canities (Kah-NISH-ee-EEZ) which is the loss of pigmentation in the hair. Canities is mainly given to you through genetics, however, it can also come through unnecessary stress or illness. With all this said, it is safe to say that I should blame my parents. I don’t know which side but it’s their fault I’m not gray.

Clearly, stress is not working it out for me and my dad is ball headed so I don’t know when or if he ever went gray, so I have to blame my mother. It’s her fault I’m not gray yet. As you can see in the picture’s my mom is more pigmented than gray and so is my grandmother. So it is all their fault. Somehow I have to find a way to break the genetic code so my hair follicles will obey me and not DNA. Did she really do a blog about gray hair? You damn right I did. don’t knock my gray hair hustle.



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