I gave birth I fed I watered I turned men to god’s Feeding their souls Heightening their awareness Giving them brain that solidified their caliber I gave breath to broken souls Which elevated from the ashes Who now sit on thrones I adjusted their crowns Spoke life until their seeds took root I am They are But we never were.…

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The journey of quiet

Noise This week I participated in my first meditation session. I have meditated on my own before but have never been able to calm my mind enough to allow the meditation to be effective. I would let things distract me, and I’d never continue in the very thing that my life, especially in this season, needs. I am already a…

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The question of purpose

Nothing on this earth is promised to us, not even the air that we breathe. Every day I wrestle with the question “Why am I here?” and always there is the cliche answer of “because you have a purpose.” Do I have a purpose; what is purpose actually? And how do we arrive at this destination? Do Parent’s give purpose?…

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