Prison Bound

Too much time has passed; we have evolved into two separate entities.

It’s been said that time heals all wounds and that if you love something, let it go and if it returns it was always yours.

Every time you return, I allow you to enter back through the canal of my heart, and a piece of me deteriorates.

I become numb to the cycle that you and I parade around.

This game is no longer fun; why was it a game to begin with?

Why couldn’t we just BE?

Even during setbacks and fear of the unknown, you were everything that I wanted and, at the same time, everything that brought pain.

I swallowed you whole every time you came near; bittersweet was the taste you left me.

I yearned for you every day; my days became mourning, and my nights became haunted.

I could not escape the hold that you had on me- I still don’t know how to release your grasp.

When I think I’ve mastered my escape, one thought, one song, one memory brings me back to a familiar captive state, and once again, my prison sentence starts over, never fully exonerated.


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