Anger Management

I look at my life and wonder why I am like this.-Angry! There have been many times I have lashed out my frustrations and anger at people that I have cared about the most because I was hurt. My emotions got the best of me, and my tongue became a weapon. Time and time again, I find myself feeling guilty…

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I desire everything his love has to offer. He is the epitome of a King. I will follow him because I trust in his ability to love me. I have longed for such a monarch like him. When I am around him, I do not fear. I trust him, and it makes my love for him life breathing. I have…

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Secret’s Unveiled

From the outside, she looks as though she has it all together. She is the type of woman that most look up to. A successful businesswoman, loyal wife, and hardworking mother. She has fought hard to obtain all that she has in life. However, if you looked closely within you would see a girl that has been stripped of her…

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