Secret’s Unveiled

From the outside, she looks as though she has it all together. She is the type of woman that most look up to. A successful businesswoman, loyal wife, and hardworking mother.
She has fought hard to obtain all that she has in life. However, if you looked closely within you would see a girl that has been stripped of her innocence. A girl that has been violated, who has lived under an umbrella of shame for most of her life.
She covers her shame and defeat by the outward accolades that she pursues. If walls could talk they would tell of a young girl who was full of life with such a big heart.
She was vulnerable she loved hard, trusted easily. Never in a million years would she have thought that someone close to her would cross that line leaving her soul tarnished and her body wasted.
Yet, I wonder does this girl realize that though her soul and body have been violated her spirit is alive and ready to receive cleansing, it is ready to be free.
It is time for the outward strength and outward beauty to become a beauty that transforms from within. The LORD has waited for this moment a moment where HIS blood can wash clean the residue that was left behind from her intruder.
His blood can manifest its resurrection power and begin to wash her mind, body, and soul.
Understand that what man tried to destroy God has made alive and free through the cross. Your healing begins with the power of acknowledgment- it did happen; which can be the hardest thing to do, but allow the love of Christ to enter your heart.
He is a perfect gentleman and will never force His way in He waits for you to open your heart and let Him in. You have the strength that you need to get through the healing process. You have waited long enough the time is now- your Redeemer is here there is no time like the present.
He has already given you the strength to forgive, though you don’t feel it it’s in you to forgive and to live a life free of guilt and free of shame. Understand that what happened to you was NOT YOUR FAULT! again what happened to you was NOT YOUR FAULT.
You are still precious, you are still valuable, you still have a destiny, you still have a purpose. Let the LORD of Glory reign in you, let Him wash you, let Him cleanse you, let Him transform you. The Father awaits, come and lay your hurt and secrets upon Him. You can trust Him.
In Him is where you will find refuge, In Him, is where you will find hope. He’s waiting


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