Yes, I am still here. Surprise!

It has been a minute

Hello, everyone!!!

Where have I been? What have I been up to? I have asked myself those same questions. It is amazing how life just be lifin:). Where has the time gone? I think the last time I made a post was almost a year ago and that was truly one post, before that it had been since June 2020. Listen COVID came in and life as we know it changed.

Honestly, I had no desire to write, no motivation or inspiration.  Which makes me wonder where does inspiration come from? What place mentally do you need to be in to be inspired? I have witnessed many take-off during COVID. Many have started businesses and new careers and truly leveled up. Whereas me, I’ve been in a place of just being. Nothing spectacular has happened, nothing innovative has happened. Yet, I am somewhat content.

I’ve aged just a little from the onset of starting my blog. I started this on my 38th birthday in 2018 and I am now 42 and blogging wasn’t like I thought it would be. I thought I would have so much to talk about. I am usually so opinionated and full of comments, but, generally, that comes from a place of rebuttal from something I have either read or experienced. Blogging in my opinion takes on another format needing to constantly have something to talk about or write even when nothing has inspired you.

My passion to be strong in my opinions and writing comes from a place of needing to release that which has agitated my soul or inspired it. And if I do not feel inspired, motivated, or need to speak on something  I don’t. I don’t ever want to do something because it needs to be done or because it’s expected. There has to be something behind the why, the reason I write in the first place. 

Tonight, I felt the need to write, nothing heavy and nothing that will cause you to think but more the need to write to speak on why I haven’t written. I am not a puppet or a person that moves because the masses do. I move when that voice inside says move no matter how little of a fire it may kindle. When I speak it will indeed reverberate and set ablaze within the people it needs to. 

One thing I have realized about myself is that I am not for everyone but for those I am for the sound I release on this earth will speak to those it’s meant for. As we come to the close of 2022, I am being reminded of being intentional. Intentional when writing, when engaging people, and when moving in spaces of purpose. Timing and rhythm are important facets we often ignore. It’s amazing as you begin to age, how time begins to speak in your ear saying “ you are out of time.” or “It’s too late to do what you desire to do.” I have to remind myself that as long as I have breath in these lungs and I am continuing to progress in the things that will get me closer to the end goal I am on the right path, even if that path seems quiet for a time.

Maybe I’m rambling on this here post and maybe I’m speaking not only to me but to someone else that may be feeling the way I have been feeling. Either way, I have come tonight to make the declaration that it is not over and there is still much to do. Surviving, survival is a pre-requisite to the next thing that is to be for you in your life. You survived for a reason, you survived to tell a story. I came to tell you that there is more on this earth to be done and you are a part of its infrastructure. Generations after you are depending on you to execute. So, go! Go in the timing of your life and no one elses. Make calculated moves that will get you to where the desires of your heart yearn to be. 

Until the next post. See you when inspiration hits. As always, keep things straight and to the point! 


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