My Secret Place

Thick clouds hover low
controlled breathing takes place.
I find my peace.
Tailer made just for me.
This essence of sovereignty capturing every sense of my being.
Poured out golden like sweet honey.
outside forces unable to penetrate my piles of earth
canvassed with precise vision.
internally clear arrested by divine intervention
like Moses at the burning bush
definitive fur as wool on sheep
guarded, protected.
my safe place
away from distraction
Drifting from the chaos of this world
subduing it within this mystical place
approximately 38 feet wide
22 to 30 inches deep
my go-to place to escape.
I become free.
I am reassured.
I am elevated.
I am strengthened.
This closet of hope
my favorite place to be.
I close the door.
I speak.
Let me pray



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