Foodie vibes

I love food and over the years I have slowly started changing the way I eat. Needless to say, the journey has not been an easy one, my palate just has a strong desire for the bad(insert laughter). But even though it has been a crazy journey I have been doing better in my choices. Thanks to Instagram it gives you an array of people to follow that have conquered their food demons(insert laughter and side eye).

I have this dope sista friend named Khadijah which you can check her out at has become instrumental in helping me to be great when it comes to my food choices. I’m nowhere near where she is but it’s always great to have someone who has actually studied and become what you strive to become in your corner. So this is the beginning of posts that I talk about all the different foods I am trying for the first time, foods that I have been already eating and foods that I tried and may not have liked.

My goal is to just be fun with the food and at the same time alert, you all to places you should try hopefully these same places are where you reside. Some post won’t be from restaurants but about foods and dishes that I prepared at home. I am not vegan, vegetarian or anything with a title at the moment. I am just a person who is consciously desiring to be intentional about what I am putting in my body while seeing how my body adjusts to what I put in it. I mean since our bodies are living I guess it would make sense to eat living things, not dead and though I understand the concept behind that it can be difficult changing. Which again is why I want this to be an adventure for me and hopefully it inspires you all to try out different eats as well.

And who knows in a year or whenever I could be a person who incorporates a title to myself as far as the type of food I will ONLY eat. There are some foods that I do not currently eat so I’ll stick with those for now and add or subtract from what I’ve already been doing. So follow my Bon Appetit posts and enjoy the ride for food. Note wine selections are a must in posts so get ready(insert smirks and nods). If ya’ll have food suggestions please don’t hesitate to share.

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