You created us, created us in your image while at the same time creating evil.
You birthed us into a world that did not have our best interest at heart.
Image-that which resembles and looks like you, if that is the case, why do you hate the very thing you created?
Us the dark-skinned ones, You set us up for failure to be ridiculed and defeated.
You want us to believe that there is a purpose, this death that has become our fate at the hands of those who deem themselves superior operating from your word has left a bad taste in our mouths.
They profess to love you and sent by you while killing us by the numbers our only crime is that we are black. We are kissed by the sun giving beauty and color to a world that is bland without us.
Your word even speaks of slavery that anyone different from a fairer skin is damned and outcast-ed.
The only control given is the control you relinquish for you know all things; you see all things. Nothing happens without your knowledge, and so I question you, I often doubt you care about US!
Who wants to live in hell and then go to hell? Who wants to live in hell to reap a reward they can do nothing within the afterlife? Some will be saved and gain eternal life, live in a spiritual habitat, but the entire time they lived in the flesh on Earth, a place they didn’t ask to be life. Was. Hell.
Why? What is the purpose of all of this? Are we rats in a cage being experimented on for the sake of laughs and testing? I have questions, I have concerns, I have doubts and your church gives me no hope. So I’m left isolated, numb accepting my fate that I will succumb to the plight of hell because my faith is no longer in anything.
The only constant thing I know and see, and witness is dead, that is ones only belief. And this saddens me. How can I give my children a hope I don’t even know of myself? I’m black and can’t do anything about that fact, and we are hated for this truth.



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