Dress to impress

I am not one that desire’s to wear dresses; I am a tomboy and prefer jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops. I am most comfortable when I am comfortable. However, when you are to attend a social gathering that is semi-formal, there’s a level of nervousness that comes over you. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy looking cute and getting dressed up, but I would just instead dress up jeans. It took a while to find the right dress, given that 1. It’s a semi-formal event, and 2. I don’t have an hourglass body shape, which means most skin-tight dresses I try to stray from. I believe that if you are going to dress up, dress up for your body type, and aim to stand out in what you choose. I love Ross some sleep on Ross. I found my dress for $40, and it is beautiful for me. But when I tried it on, I had self-doubt. Mainly because as the years have passed, the universal dress code has changed.

Individuals don’t dress appropriately for interviews, meetings, or work periods. It’s as if anything goes, and a part of me felt like though it was a Semi-Formal event that I’d be overdressed. And when that night came as beautiful as the night was. As aesthetically decorated the event building was, I did indeed feel overdressed. It was a mixed company in the building when it came to Semi-Formal attire. Mostly all of the men were in suit and tie. But the woman some had on clothing that was pretty on them but more casual. I immediately felt uncomfortable as if I had gone overboard in my attempt to dress according to what I believed Semi-Formal was. I came to realize that many have their interpretations of what dress code will be for them. Nevertheless, I walked in as if I were a Queen and was sitting on her throne. I enjoyed my night, and at the end of the night, I looked at my dress and smirked, realizing it will sit in my closet, possibly never to be worn again. Why? Because as we get older, there aren’t enough events that cause us to dress to impress to get all dolled up and forego the casual and break out the long gowns that cascade from our waist down. I realized that this was a one-time thing, and in that, I hung the dress up and was happy that I allowed myself to come from my comfort zone and dress outside of myself and walk in the royalty I am. Selah. Do you all think my dress was Semi-formal? What does semi-formal mean too you? Are we as adults in need of more events that require us to go back to proms like attire and events?

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