Butterfly Effect

Remove the facade that allows the barrier that you have barricaded around your heart.
Take off the years that have yielded false hope and seeds that never took root and come to this place that I will show you a place of renewing and recharging.
This place will isolate you, and all you will see is darkness, you will feel smothered, trapped even.
However, don’t let this dark place that I have brought you to scare you for this is a safe place, it’s the place where you will gain insight.
It’s the place where the world grows quiet, and the light within you will begin to gain its heartbeat.
You will begin to revitalize and adhere to your voice. The voice that was given to you before you ever came out of your mother’s womb before the cares of this hard life muzzled you.
There is a transformation taking place within this dark place. New eyes are given to you-internal eyes.
You will see what others aren’t able to; you will speak what other’s can not.
Your words will be a beam a light post to many.
Within this isolation, you will be given beautiful colors. These colors represent a breakthrough.


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