I write when I write. It’s been a minute since I have attempted to post. Someone brought to my attention that I do not post as often as many other individuals that have blogs. That made me smile, mainly because I don’t write for others per se; I write for me. I appreciate those that my writings have touched or…

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Let me be strong for you until your heart breathes life again. Let me be strong for you, until your smile beams as a ray of sunshine. Let me be strong for you until you hold your head up high. Let me be strong for you until everything you desire begins to pour freely in your life. Let me be…

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Bodying Bodies

I knew that I was too old school for this generation’s idea of “dating” when it became hard to have a decent conversation with someone of the opposite sex. Something has changed, and I’m not quite sure when it turned. It’s like I woke up one day, and everything was different. Courting has become taboo, and getting to know someone…

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