Singleness is a curse

I’m single, Help!

I’ve noticed that being single has become like a disease. So many individuals, mainly women have a hard time being single. I am not sure if it has to do with social media that has created this need to be with someone as if being alone with yourself is not enough, or if insecurity and lack of identity are causing many to feel less than without another body near them.

It’s as if being single has become their curse. Social media doesn’t make it any easier I guess. Being able to look into the lives of so many and see what “appears” to be happiness. I wish there was a way for those who feel like they have missed out because they are single to see into the lives and relationships they envy. Maybe if they were able to see what really goes on behind closed doors, they would reconsider how they covet.

I do believe that there are many that have authentic, genuine relationships whose partners love and respect them. But, not every relationship should be “Goals.” Just because you see beautiful pictures online does not mean that the relationship is intact or that those involved are happy. People flex for the gram.

I would rather woman and men learn to be content with themselves knowing that love can find anyone when they are ready. Why rush something that you want to last forever? Work on self and learn to live this life as if you are the only one in it. Find out what makes you tick and what about this life sets you on fire. Nothing that you gain in this life whether it’s a friendship, relationship, or career has the ability to make you happy. Those things become fulfilling for you because you yourself are fulfilled without them.

You are boring!

love isn’t going to find you if all you do is remain in the house 24/7. If you want to be “found” if you want to meet new people you have to get out and mingle. There is so much out there that you can engage yourself in that has nothing to do with a club setting. Why do people feel like the only place you can meet someone is in a club or bar? You go to work, church, and home all the time and complain that you can’t find anyone.

You won’t even go to dinner, a movie, a museum or play by yourself. You won’t go out unless there is someone with you and that is sad. If you are unable to enjoy your own company, how do you expect for someone else to enjoy it? Everything starts and end with you. It is one thing to live single and not be pressed about whether or not someone comes along yet, it is another to be depressed or constantly speaking about how your life is not how you planned it just because you aren’t dating or married.

You found someone okay, then what?

You were born alone and you will die alone, even with the possibility of people being at your bedside. You are an individual first, live to make your life fulfilled and purposeful whether you have someone or not. Learn to enjoy yourself. Everything energizes and flows through and from you. So if that is the case, desperation, lack of patience and neediness calls out, and those that feed off of such low energy will manipulate such weakness. Be careful not to attract the wrong person into your space, based off what you put out there, unaware.

Find who you are, what do you want out of life, what are your passions? Your desires? What goals are you seeking out to accomplish? You are sitting around waiting on Mr. Right and he out getting his life, he is about his business. Get about yours and get a man off your mind. Run until you run into your purpose, know that you are the prize. If a man wants you, he will need to prove that he is even qualified to have you. Do not sit around waiting on anyone, go live your life and live it abundantly. No matter who comes into your life, you will still need to know and have a life that gratifies you outside of them. Be more about you and less about him, especially the mental him you haven’t even met. Selah!

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