Ethiopian Food

I am a part of a foodie group where us women will come together and meet at restaurants that we have never tried before. In our search for restaurants, one chick suggests us going to a “black-owned” establishment and of course we were all in agreement. And as I began searching for black-owned restaurants to my surprise the majority of establishments that populated the web were those of “soul food.”

Now don’t get me wrong we all have had our share of soul food but I was perplexed that we are associated with soul food yet, soul food originated from slavery. It was not our original food. I mean really who said that fried chicken was truly a “black” person’s food? And we wonder why our asses are having high blood pressure. Anyway, this discussion is for another post.

Back to my point, I wasn’t getting much success in googling black restaurants. So I went back to the drawing board and removed the word black and typed in “Ethnic” restaurants and lo and behold an array of different types of food establishments came up, Ethiopian being one of them.

I landed on a restaurant named Authentic Ethio African Spices located at 1740 E McDowell Rd Phoenix, AZ 85006.’s a quaint little spot that is more of a take-out restaurant rather than an eat in. However, there were 3 little round tables inside where we were able to eat in. The portion sizes were big enough for 4 of us to eat off of. The entree included Injera, Cabbage, Lentils, String beans, beets with potato, lamb, beef stew and cottage cheese.


There were no utensils given because the food is meant to be eaten with your hands using the Injera to scoop and wrap the food within it. The food was tasty and flavorful, nice and filling. I was thoroughly satisfied and happy we chose to visit this restaurant. Foods with authentic herbs and spices are always the way to go.

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